1st Day of Health & Wellness

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On the First Day of Health and Wellness

my true love gave to me…..


One of the main exercises that you can do to help increase your health and wellness is WALKING! Everyday, for at least 30 minutes, at a brisk pace. Even if it is just to get around the block, getting out and walking will increase your heart rate, let you get some fresh air, and may even help with weight loss.  Most people today do not get outside and just walk. Sure, we walk in our daily jobs and around the house, but how often (especially in the winter) do you get outside and walk? We live in Minnesota and we all know that it will be cold and icy during the winter months, but instead of complaining about it; go outside and enjoy it. It can be one of the most beautiful times of the year, fresh snow on branches and crunching under your feet.

There are many ways to keep yourself warm and safe. There are ice traction aids to keep you from slipping and even indoor tracks if the freezing rain is keeping you from getting outside. (The Red Wing YMCA has an indoor track and there are programs at both the Lake City and Red Wing Schools were you can walk the hallways.) There is new advancement in winter weather attire, all you have to do is check the REI, North Face, Columbia websites to get the newest gear (or last year’s models if you want to save some $).

So bundle up and get outside!

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