2nd Day of Health & Wellness…

2nd Day of Health & Wellness…

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2nd Day of Health & Wellness

Positive Thought

talk to yourself

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This is a very important practice to do everyday. What our mind thinks determines our habits, beliefs, words, and actions. Your mind is a very powerful tool use it in a positive manner. We think that every time some says something negative about themselves out loud they are having 3x more negative thoughts inside their mind. Start by to recognizing that you are having negative thoughts (some people don’t even realize it!) then replace those negative ones with positive ones. Speak kindly to yourself.


Bloom where you are planted

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“Bloom where you are planted.”-Mary Engelbreit It doesn’t say complain, survive, or even just grow, it says BLOOM. Blossom into your a beautiful expression of yourself. Do it right now where you are, not tomorrow when you get a bigger house, better car or job. Do it today when you are still working towards your dreams and goals. BLOOM into that POSITIVE, colorful, beautiful soul with healthy roots down deep in your soil and strong limbs growing up to the sky. Start now. Today. Where you are at. Focus on the positive.


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  1. Thanks for the positive thought, I am going to treat myself to a walk in nature today. XO


    December 2, 2015

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