Day 1-6: Going Whole

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An Introduction

On the Whole 30 there are some rules. Here are a couple big ones:

No dairy. No gluten. No beans. No peanut butter. No rice. No MSG. No soy. No corn. No alcohol.


When I first started I thought this would be easy. We have been dairy and gluten free on and off for 6 years. No dairy, no gluten. easy. Peanut butter an amazing staple in my life, I can’t have it? ok, i’ll just substitute it for almond or my new fav, cashew butter from Trader Joe’s.  No alcohol. Ok, I have given it up for a year before before and during my pregnancy. No biggy there.

The biggest struggle and something I still think about every day is NOT HAVING ANY SUGAR.

When I say no sugar I mean no added sugar. There are fruit sugars, from fresh or dried fruits you can have that, but you cannot have any added sugar.

Somethings you can’t have because it has sugar in it:

Ketchup, mustard, mayo, donuts, cookies, most gluten free crackers, most dairy free crackers, salad dressings, marinades, snack bars, chocolate, store bought Kombucha, sweetened dried fruits, coffee creamer, non-dairy coffee creamer, BACON and honey… the list goes on and on.

It is the one thing you will find yourself looking at labels and thinking, “There’s sugar in this?!” Yes, I have come to the conclusion that there is sugar in everything and it is too much for your daily diet.

My challenge for you as you go through this weekend, look at what your eating, write it down, and read the labels. See how much sugar you are consuming that you didn’t even know about. 

What can you eat?

As much whole food as you want.

and coffee. A non-fat, grande, caramel latte with extra shot of expresso? no.

strong. black. coffee.

There is no limit on the amount of food you can have, if you are hungry eat something. Eventfully you will be full on your three meals a day, if you want to break it down to 6 smaller meals a day go ahead.

Day 1

I was more mentally prepared to start this 4th whole 30 than any other one.

I wanted to eat better.

This summer our eating and nourishing our bodies went to the side. Why? Because life happens and old habits are hard to break. That being said, I did learn from my previous Whole 30s. Its not that I started drinking glasses of milk everyday, but maybe I had some ice cream more often than normal.

On Day 1 I felt good. I had enough food, meals were planned and prepped. It was a great kick off.

Like I said in my previous post, Pre-Day 1 Our Whole 30 Journey, making a meal the night before for your lunch on Day 1 just sets you up for the rest of the journey. We make enough food to have for lunch then next day and sometime even more. Starting to build up your supply of Whole 30 compliant meals in your refrigerator is a life saver! I don’t like to cook 3 meals a day so when I have leftovers for lunch it truly helps.

Day 2-6 The strength of the “Sugar Dragon”

I love how the Hartwigs refer to the “Sugar Dragon” as those crazy, strong, deep, claws in cravings you have for sugar. Some people might be thinking, well, I don’t crave donuts like you do, but I like to have a glass of wine to unwind. Guess what?  That wine other than the alcohol has sugar in it. Those claws are stuck in and sometimes they hurt when they are coming out.

What happened to me, Day 2-6 is I got a headache. (and I was starving!)

Not a bad one, not one that put me under and laying in bed all day, but a headache.

I don’t get headaches.

Why was I getting a headache? When I get some form of pain, I stop and be with the pain. I figure out the why, not just cover it up.

What helped my headache was getting adjusted, drinking more water, and slowing down. I gave myself some more time and I ate when I was hungry. Even if that means after I had breakfast, eggs and sausage, I had a 9:30am snack of apple and cashew butter. I did eat three big meals and then some major whole 30 snacking the first week, but after that first week, I didn’t have to snack as much. The meals were filling me up longer and I didn’t have crashes of energy. I was actually getting more energy.

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