On the 5th Day of Health & Wellness

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On the 5th Day of Health & Wellness


The importance of touch in you life is a big one. There are studies done on children in Russian and Romanian orphanages that were deprived of touch and how that has negative effected them. Some of the studies showed that when you just added touch (rocking, holding) to their day they started to thrive.


I find that fascinating.

But my question is when do we grow out of needing touch in our lives?

My answer is that you don’t.


That is why the 5th Day of Health & Wellness is getting more good, appropriate touch in your life. That could be in the way of hugging 5 people a day, getting a massage or a technique called brushing.

(Click here for more information on brushing or here for information on the benefits.)


This time of year sometimes instead of getting your loved ones a physical gift, maybe get them a gift of an experience. i.e. a massage.


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