Pre-Day 1 Our Whole 30 Journey

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The Whole30

The Whole 30 can be scary, daunting, too much, or  not enough.  I have heard that it is too much prep time, too many rules, not enough carbs, not long enough. How much do I have to cook? I can’t just add cheese? Nope. But, I love cheese. How am I going to make it 30 days?

My husband, (Dr. Ryan), and I have started our 4th Whole 30 journey on September 6th.  I would like to share with you my journey, offer support, and ideas.

What we decide to put into our bodies to nourish us, (food, water, thoughts) is vitally important to our health. Let’s choose wisely.

Pre-Day 1

-BUY & Read the whole 30 book.

Maybe not cover to cover. Skim read chapter titles and then dive into areas you believe that will work for you. Refer back to it often. On one of my first whole 30s I would refer back to the section on what goes through your mind during day 12-18 or whatever day I was on. That was very helpful.  Melissa and Dallas Hartwig have a very witty and candid account on how you are feeling Day 1-30. Plus all the recipes are a must!

-The Whole 30 starts the day before Day 1

Before you start Day 1, plan your first week out especially if you are a first timer. Next make your first whole 30 dinner the day before you start Day 1 and make enough for leftovers at lunch on Day 1. Because you are already making Day 1 dinner and then when you open your refrigerator on the morning of Day 1 as you are running out the door to work or to drop kids off at school your lunch is already ready for you. A win for the day!

-Do not get caught up in making the sauces

I am not a big sauce person, my husband on the other hand loves to put mayo, ranch, hot sauces on everything. When we do a Whole 30 we make the basic mayo recipe once and it usually lasts us half way thru the 30 days. Some of the recipes as you to make sauces for your dinners and at first we followed them, but after a while if I don’t have the ingredients I omit them. We live in Red Wing, MN sometimes we don’t have access to produce that a larger city would have readily available.

-Buy good olive oil for your homemade mayo

trust me it tastes better with good olive oil. Spend the extra money and get some good, organic, cold pressed olive oil. There is a oil and vinegar shop in Red Wing  check them out.


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