We believe in challenging the status quo of the American “health and wellness”.

We believe there is a better way.

We believe in being different.

We are Innovative Chiropractic.


At Innovative Chiropractic Center, Dr. Ryan Lystad and Dr. Kaitlin Lystad are the primary chiropractors and are committed to offering each client a uniquely tailored experience. We offer cutting-edge alignment techniques that will help you get better faster, recover from pain and injury quicker, enhance your well-being, and increase your overall quality of life.

Innovative Chiropractic Center is serving Red Wing, Lake City, and surrounding areas.

In our office, we work with people who have a variety of health challenges and active injuries. Additionally, we offer sports performance enhancement services and wellness care. The sports performance enhancement services are for athletic individuals ranging from the weekend warriors to elite athletes.

Our vision is to create a community of healthy, active, well-functioning individuals. This center is a resource for every age from 1 day old to 111 years young.

We chose Innovative as our name because of the distinctive individualized care we offer our clients. Both Drs. Lystad have tools in our doctor bags that will take you far beyond a traditional adjustment to get you functioning at your optimal level. Check out our What We Do section for more details on some of the specialized work we do.


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