The 10th Day of Health & Wellness…

The 10th Day of Health & Wellness…

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The 10th Day of Health & Wellness

Meditation & Gratitude

Meditation and Gratitude Journaling are two of the most important things you can add into your day. Taking 5-15 minutes out of your day just to be with yourself is vital. You will start to learn more about yourself and train your mind to slow down the chatter. The mind is powerful and most of the time runs on autopilot of constant chatter that you have no control over. Meditation will help slow it down and then maybe you can have an actual real thought. Meditation can give you answers to the questions you have, when you slow down and listen to your soul, it will tell you what to do.  Guided meditation is a great way to start. There are plenty of you tube videos (Hay House ones are my favorite) that you can follow.

One of my great friends wrote a blog post on mediation: The ONE Practice to Unlock Your Power by Robin Drury Mekas Check it out!

She gives you some tips and tricks to meditation. (hint: it is not just about sitting quietly, focusing on your breath and trying not to think about anything. It is much more!)

 This last November on Facebook, I saw a lot of #30daysofthanks posts.

What about continuing that thankfulness throughout the year?

Everyday on your post-it, journal or piece of paper next to your bed jot down three things you are thankful for that day. When you wake in the morning review what your wrote the night before.

Start your day off with a grateful heart.

Living a grateful life and attitude for life will change your day. There are a plenty of things you can be thankful for, today and everyday. Focus on what you have, fill your heart with gratitude.

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