The 12 Day of Health & Wellness…

The 12 Day of Health & Wellness…

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On the 12th Day of Health & Wellness,

My True Love Gave to Me.

Try Something New

Expand your horizons, talk to a stranger, order something other than the usual on the menu or at the coffeehouse. You might find something else you like.

A lot of the time, the reason we are holding ourselves back is because we are scared and afraid.  Scared and afraid of what?

Rejection, loneliness, humiliation, judgement, not being good enough.

sg scares you

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Taking risks and trying something new will challenge and change you. Change! Yes, Change.

Change can be uncomfortable, can be scary, challenging, and fun! What would you feel like, if 5 years from now your life didn’t change at all? Would you continue to like the position you are in? Probably not. Then why are you so afraid of change. Why do most people fight against change?


Get out there today and try something new. Push your boundaries and get out of your own way.

Create the life you, because you are enough.

create you life

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