The 7th Day of Health & Wellness

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On the 7th Day of Health & Wellness

To-Do List


Before you tell me you have soooo much on your to-do list, that you would have to put a to-do list on your to-do list, hear me out.


Here is what we are recommending; put a pen & notepad next to your bedside and before you go to sleep write down and Prioritize your “to-do’s” for the next day. I still like to do this pen & paper style, even though there is the Note App on my phone.  When I am done I can get the satisfaction of crossing it off the list.

(Deleting it on my Note App just isn’t as satisfying.)


This will help with those running thoughts of what I need to do.

Where the kids are going?

Did I pack them an orange in their lunch? Are they suppose to bring a snack to school?

I need to get more eggs and butter if I am going to bake those cookies.

The constant stream of chatter and questions that may run through your mind when you are winding down for sleep.

Write it down, get it off your mind, and settle into rest.
Another thing to remember with list making is,

It is O.K. to not get it all done!

Between balancing jobs, school, family and the Holidays it can be a little stressful. Remember that some things can be moved to tomorrow’s list (that is why you prioritize them).

The real question of the day is not how many things did I get done on my To-Do List, the real question is did I LOVE enough today?


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