The 8th Day of Health & Wellness…

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On the 8th Day of Health & Wellness

Your True Love Gave to You

Chiropractic Care

Yes, we put chiropractic care in the 12 Days of Health and Wellness, because we believe that chiropractic care is truly a preventative health care model. Once your spine is in proper alignment and your nervous system is able to communicate from your brain all the way out to each individual cell in your finger tips, then you are utilizing the optimum function of every organ and the amazing complexities of our body. You are set up to handle the everyday stressors of falling, eating sugar, and stress from your work, family or school. (Not that we are saying that you should eat only sugar!)

Here is a list of reasons why people have come to us for Chiropractic care:

  1. Constipation- You should be eliminating your bowels everyday (yes EVERYDAY).
  2. Headaches- There is another way to get rid of headaches that does not involve taking drugs. Chiropractic care and Cranial work have helped some of our clients.
  3. ADHD/Attention
  4. Low Back Pain
  5. Shaving off seconds in your upcoming race- Dr. Ryan can help you get the competitive edge that you need to shave time off your race.
  6. Calf Pain
  7. Ear Infections- Dr. Kaitlin can talk volumes on how chiropractic care can help ear infections
  8. Pregnancy- You are growing a human inside of you. You want your body working at its best level so that the growing baby can have all the proper support your body provides. You also have an additional 25-35lbs adding to your skeletal and muscular frame. Everything is changing and it is happening quickly. Getting adjusted will help your body handle the growing baby and keep the baby in the proper head down, vertex position.
  9. Anxiety
  10. Shoulder Pain

And the list goes on…

We are having our

1 Year Anniversary Celebration

this Saturday, December 12, 2015

Free Yoga at 8am

Free Foam Rolling at 9:30am

Refreshments will be available. Come in, check us out, and celebrate with us.

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  1. Ate th day , keep those tips coming, those adjustments feel like an oil change, everything runs nice and smoothly afterwards!


    December 8, 2015

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