The 9th Day of Health & Wellness…

The 9th Day of Health & Wellness…

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On the 9th Day of Health & Wellness,

My True Love Gave to Me…

Sparkling Water


Hmmm, why sparkling water? Because you can make some fabulous non-alcoholic Holiday drinks this time of year.

When you think about the amount of calories you are increasing this time of year, it usually comes from the extra amount of cookies and sugar your consuming and the increased amount of alcohol.

Anyone ever notice that they don’t post calories on beer bottles?

  • There are 110 calories in one 12oz Bud Light Beer.
  • There are on average 85 calories in 3.5fl oz. of Red Wine.

We would encourage you to try to substitute a sparkling water drink, instead of reaching for an alcoholic drink.

It will help you two fold.

  1. You are saving yourself some caloric intake, by decreasing the amount of alcohol you are drinking.
  2. You can be the designated driver. (This is extremely important this time of year. Not because there are more police out on the roads, but because there are more people out on the roads and by drinking and driving you are impairing your skills as a fellow driver on the roads. Keep yourself, family and other drivers safe, Don’t Drink & Drive.)

Here is one of our favorite sparkling water drink recipes:


15 Delicious Non-alcoholic Spritzers, Sodas, and Mocktails

Maybe this year you will be able to remember the stories instead of be in them.

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  1. Great recipe and message, Merry Christmas !

    Mal , Kris

    December 9, 2015

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