The Last 24 hours… Whole 30

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The Last 24 Hours… Whole 30

We made it. I made it 30 days without donuts, sugar, cookies, and cake. But I don’t want to stop now. Usually after I finished a whole 30 I felt the need to have something that was not #whole30 compliant. I would really be craving                 . I would look forward to after these long 30 days to get a taste of whatever I was craving. (Let’s be honest it was mostly sugar related, like a donut or cookie.)

But this time, this time is different.

There is a shift, a change.

I am not craving anything, because I know how it will make me feel. I know that if I eat it I will lose some of this energy and focus that is so clear. I will get lethargic and sick. I know this, and I am going to listen to my body and stay focused.

We will reintroduce some of the foods the Whole 30 took out like hummus (homemade) and maybe some of the “paleo treats” like 3 ingredient pancakes or  some vegan gluten free blueberry scones.

I use to always wonder, why people ate these “paleo treats” if they didn’t HAVE to be gluten free and dairy free? To me if you were going to eat the sugar than just eat the sugar with your gluten and dairy, but now I understand. (There are so many more recipes and options to go gluten and dairy free!) I understand that this is food freedom. The sugary, gluten and dairy foods do not have a hold over me. I am not attached to them.  I can CHOOSE when I want to eat them and there are healthier options for me. (Very yogic philosophy)

I think that is the biggest learning experience for me. Not the mental clarity, the increased energy, decrease weight and inches but,

The ability to say no and to make a conscious choice on what I put into my body, my being.

With that being said, I will continue on this new journey. If you need support, ideas, or have questions don’t hesitate to reach out to me. You can give up anything for 30 days and you’ll learn something about yourself in the process!

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